Welcome! (I have no idea what to call this first post)

Welcome to my blog!

Hmm, do people still read blogs? Do people even bother to go to a Youtuber’s site? First paragraph in and I’m already wondering if this is the best course of action….

Well, no point in lengthening this any longer so let’s get down to it. This blog will be a mix between promoting the videos I make on Youtube, talking about any sort of topic that interests me on that day, some sort of K-pop coverage, and maybe some sort of anime/manga review section (still not sure about that one though.) If somehow I brighten someone’s day with my nonsense, be it with words or videos, then I have achieved what I set out to do.

So in essence, you could have read the tagline below the site’s title and get the same amount of information as reading this. For those who endured this painful collection of words, thank you! (Am I blogging correctly? Who knows).

Hopefully you will come along with me on this journey. Till the next update,


(The title of this post is actually a lie… I had a perfectly good title for this but after some consideration, I felt that it be wise to keep it short and sweet. For those curious of my original idea, all you need to do is look at the picture below)



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