Gintama 2017 – Episode 2 Review

Before we start the review, there is some housekeeping to be done:

  1. There will be reviews for episodes two and three released today due to my horribleness with updating this regularly.
  2. I will not talk about the technical aspects of each episodes (animation, VO, etc) unless something particularly striking pops up.

Now then, onto the review!

Episode 2 – Leave Letter

The journey to Rakuyo begins! While this episode was mostly drama and comedy, all of it furthered the plot nicely. Speaking of comedy, the way the comedy was done in this episode completely negated my comments from the first episode. Every joke made felt right at home with the episode. Some old classic gags reappeared like how Sakamoto gets air sick while on a spaceship which is always a nice touch. As I touch on in a bit, the particular character groupings lend to some great jokes and relations. As for the drama, all the main players in the arc are coming together and soon the real fun will start. The main characters are spilt up into a few smaller groups which is a nice change of pace, allowing for several interesting storylines and character combinations to occur (Interesting to see how Kagura is doing with her group). We see an interesting scene with Utsuru and Oboro where *cough* Utsuru gives a big hint about himself nonchalantly *cough*. We get to see three of Shoyo’s students kick ass and stop a whole fleet of starships from attacking our heroes (by surprise attack reminiscent of the 1000 years of death attack). The episode ends with us seeing Rakuyo completely for the first time and setting the stage for the battle to come.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode more than the premier and its getting me more and more excited for future episodes to come. Since these reviews are spoiler free, there isn’t much else to talk about but the episode three review is coming right up!

またね!(See ya!)


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