Gintama 2017 – Episode 4 Review

Episode 4  – Zura

So this episode jumps in right where we left off. The combination of a good fight and some highly sought after backstory on Katsura make for a attention grabbing episode for sure. In fact, if the whole episode was about Katsura I would have not complained cause damn that fight was awesome to watch. There’s one particular moment during the fight that is so worth it after watching all of Gintama as well. I always liked Katsura as a character but this episode makes you appreciate him even more. I wish we could have gotten more with the enemy general because he seemed like an interesting character. I especially like it when the bad guys have some level of respect for their opponents and know when they have been bested.

The second half of the episode starts the storyline for next week, which will be pretty interesting as well. The Gundam jokes are strong with this one and its great. Backstory for everyone!

またね!(See ya!)


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