Gintama 2017 – Episode 7 Review

Episode 7 – Paths

This episode was mostly a set up for the larger fight to come in the next few episodes. As always the comedy bits were great, and the more serious parts carry weight to them. It was quite cool to see the four former students come together and the speech about letting Gintoki’s old friends protect so that he can protect his new friends was quite beautiful to be honest.

However, for the first time since the first episode, I did notice some weird animation during the episode. There were some quick scenes where the animation dropped in quality which was quite jarring. It did not last long thankfully but it was still noticeable. I had flashbacks to the horrible animation when Dragon Ball Super was starting.

All in in, not the greatest episode up to now due to it not amounting to much in terms of story progression and animation quality. However, the comedy parts and Kagura’s time to shine kept this episode from being forgetful.

またね!(See Ya!)


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