Gintama 2017 – Episode 9 Review

Episode 9 – The Lost Rabbit

Here we are, another intense and heavy episode. This episode revolves around the ideas of family and what you will do to be with and protect them. We see different perspectives on these ideas from Umibozu, Kamui, and Kouka. For the whole episode being so serious and dealing with some tough ideas, I’m glad there was barely any comedy. This allowed for the message of the episode to reach the viewer and let them properly process it without being distracted by the ridiculousness that Gintama is known for. Let’s briefly go over what happened in the episode.

The first half explored Kamui’s past and how he decided to become the way he is. We see what Umibozu was trying to do to save Kouka and why Kouka herself decides to remain with her family rather than save herself. The second half of the episode deals with the fight between Umibozu and Utsuru and Kamui’s fight with Kagura. It seemed pretty much hopeless even for Umibozu. He basically sacrifices himself to take out Utsuru… all just for Utsuru to stand back up, albeit with half his body skinless. The end of the episode brings the Yorozuya back together and Gintoki prepares to knock some sense into Kamui. This is where there is one or two jokes but it felt fine because we had time to deal with the heaviness of the episode. With this episode, we are getting close to the end of the arc. The question in the coming weeks is if the series will stop after this arc of if they will continue on. The manga is still in its final arc so there would not be too much to work with. We will have to find out when that time comes.

またね!(See ya!)


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