Gintama 2017 – Episode 10 Review 

Episode 10 – Siblings

If you thought last weeks episode had emotional ups and downs, then oh boy get ready for this week’s episode. As the title states, this episode is wholly about Kagura and Kamui. While Gintoki does have his time to shine throughout the whole episode ( and he gives his patented epic speeches), the real emotional moments happen between the two siblings. The moment that Kamui pushes against his inner Yato beast to properly face his little sister is truly a great scene and you can feel how both characters have evolved since the beginning of the series. We can’t overlook the action scenes in the episode either. Gintoki gets extremely beat up during this fight, surprising no one. Umibozu says that no human could beat Kamui at this point, and he’s right. Gintoki is able to keep up surprisingly well and even after receiving extensive damage, he is still able to get some good damage in. This all changes when Kamui is consumed by his inner Yato. At this point, only another Yato even had a chance at beating Kamui. Who better than his sister to finish his rampage.

I have a feeling that this episode would be doubly effective if you have siblings of your own, however I can’t attest to that due to being an only child. Regardless, I still felt that sibling love and connection that Kagura still carried for her brother after everything that happened.

またね!(See ya!)


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