Gintama 2017 – Episode 11 Review

Episode 11 – First Student

This episode served both as a wrap up episode as well as introducing another plot thread. The majority of the first half dealt with the end of the Kagura family plot, while the later half dealt with the back story of Oboro and his relationship with Utsuru (hence the title of the episode). The one joke in the episode was fun; definitely something we needed in between all the drama. After that brief respite, things get serious again with Takasugi’s group encountering Oboro. Cue the typical bad guy backstory that is suppose to make you relate to them and feel bad for what they went through. The episode does not fail in that respect but personally, I enjoyed the first half much more than the rest of the episode. I never was interested in Oboro so while it was good background info on both of these characters, it didn’t keep my interest as much as Gintama usually does. However, the way the story takes that origin story and folds it in the main storyline is powerful and touching as always. Oboro worked fine as a side character, but I honestly won’t miss him. He did not add much to the show in my opinion. My prediction is that next episode will be more wrap up and then go straight into the next/current arc. Let us see next week!

またね!(See ya!)


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