Gintama 2017 – Episode 12 Review

Episode 12 – Hope

For an episode called hope, it sure felt hopeless for most of it.  The episode revolved around explaining the different personas of Utsuro, the Tendoshu’s involvement with Altana, Utsuro’s ultimate plan for the universe, and each character’s motivations. Can we pleas talk about Kamui?? The flower on the grave meant so much! The feels man…. the feels. This whole episode was full of emotion and was a great way to send off the season.

As this was the last episode in the arc (and this season) the animation was even better than usual. I especially liked the small section where the show was drawn in a Japanese watercolour style. That looked great and I wish they would have done more of the episode like that. The intro and ending songs switched places, with the ending montage a very effective way to end the arc. (Since I watched the episode on Crunchyroll, I did not see the after credits scenes talking about the special reruns that will be airing or the little gags they did.)

Overall, this whole season was great and improved on the manga’s version in some ways. It is sad to see Gintama go away again for a bit but this last arc is bound to be an amazing sendoff to the series.

This pretty much concludes my first series of reviews. Hopefully, they were not too painful to read through these 12 weeks. This was definitely a fun experience and I learned a lot! Watch out for my next reviews, whenever they come out!

またね!(See ya!)



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