Boruto Naruto Next Generations – Episode 1 Review

Well I’m back with another series to review! What better series to do than Boruto! Let’s get right into it shall we?

Episode 1 – Boruto Uzumaki!

After seeing the first scene, which is the same as the manga, I want to see that more than what we are actually getting. I know that we have to build up these new characters but man does that look badass. We get hints of the powers Boruto will gain in the rest of the episode but that only makes me want more! I digress however. Let’s focus on the rest of the episode.

This initial episode does a good job to portray what type of person Boruto is. While he might seem similar to how Naruto was originally, (he wants attention) he is totally different. His motivations are different, he’s carefree, and he doesn’t care one bit for the Hokage position. The original characters introduced seem like interesting characters but it’s hard to judge from only one episode. The main conflict in the episode shows that there is still evil in the world, regardless of Naruto and the Ninja worlds efforts. Will it be another sect of Kagura’s family? Or something completely different? Time will tell.

One of the most controversial things to do with the Boruto series, both anime and manga, is the art style. I’m happy to say…. THANK GOD THE ANIME KEPT WITH KISHIMOTO’S ART STYLE. It looks so much better than the manga. The character designs are in line with the Boruto manga which was inevitable and frankly I don’t mind the new designs… except for Sarada. She’s suppose to be 10-12 years old right? Then why does she fight in high heels and have such a promiscuous outfit? It doesn’t sit right with me.

Overall, this first episode is a strong way to start the series. Hopefully, the series does not wander too much into classroom drama territory and keeps a good balance of what made the original series good and what they are trying to do with this series. For now I’m hopefully optimistic. Regardless, it’s better than 10 out of the 11 chapters of the manga out so far (did they really have to re-do the movie and add some small differences?)

My initial rating for this series is: Check it out!

またね!(See ya!)


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