Boruto Naruto Next Generations – Episode 2 Review

Episode 2 – The Hokage’s Son!

Remember at the end of the episode 1 review, I said that hopefully the show doesn’t go to far into classroom drama territory? Well it didn’t take long for the show to do exactly that. Sigh… this episode was pretty bland to be honest. We see a little interaction between Boruto and other main characters like Shikadai, Denki, and Inoji.


It establishes some pretty typical relationships like the best friend who’s bothered by helping out, the rival friend, and the new friend learning about the world at the same time as the viewer (does 10+ years of peace really make people not teach their children about Chakra? Something that was extremely important to the entirety of the world, regardless if you were ninjas?). Iwabe was the typical bully character who slowly starts to see the light at the end.


I wish I could say something good about this episode but it really is a substandard episode. It was nice to see a more grounded fight back in the series. After the ridiculous fights that Naruto ended with, its refreshing to see real hand to hand combat and kunai/shurikans being thrown around. Apart from that… I don’t have much to say thats positive. The first episode was genuinely interesting which makes this episode pretty disappointing. Let’s see if the next episode is more of this mediocre content or it brings something good to the table.

またね!(See ya!)


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