Boruto Naruto Next Generations – Episode 4 Review

Episode 4 – A Ninjutsu Battle of The Sexes!

I want to bash this episode for being more drivel but surprisingly, there was enough here to keep my interest. Granted it is the typical boys vs girls story and the first half of the episode feels especially stereotypical. I noticed that I haven’t mentioned much about the animation quality so I will say my two words about it here. Its largely the same quality as Shippuden was. Due to that, it runs into the same problems. Sometime the animation looks great and fits the show…. other times it looks quite bad (although nothing like certain Shippuden episodes. *cough* Pain fight *cough*). Anyways, on to what I liked about this week’s episode.

One of the strong points is the focus on all the main characters. We got a brief summary on them from Shino’s perspective and equal amounts of screen time for them. Cho Cho’s voice is already on my nerves but I feel like we won’t see too much of her, just like Choji in Naruto. Sarada has her first time to show some of her character which was nice. I’m currently more interested in Sarada than Boruto due to her more likeable characterization. Denki was even useful this episode! Hacking is now officially part of the Ninja world it seems. Is it too early to predict that Denki’s ninjutsu will incorporate some element of hacking? Perhaps using lightning style to “hack” into someone’s nervous system and control their movements?

Boruto’s first real attempt at summoning instantly lead to this dark chakra beast sending an evil white tentacle monster…. say what? That implies that Boruto has some sort of connection to this mysterious evil presence prior to going to school. I guess that whatever this creature is will become Boruto’s summoning but how and why is that the case? Still confused about this part of the plot and honestly I don’t have any good theories so far.

The last scene of the episode pans out to reveal Mitsuki spying on the school. Now we know that he is an experiment from Orochimaru so will they expand his role and make him involved with this dark chakra beast we have been seeing? That would definitely make his character more interesting since he hasn’t done much in the other Boruto stuff.

Overall, Boruto is staying consistent with its mediocrity but the small glimmers of intrigue are slowing getting me more and more into the series.

またね!(See ya!)


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