Boruto Naruto Next Generations – Episode 5 Review

Episode 5 – The Mysterious Transfer Student

Mitsuki, Mitsuki, Mitsuki… He is definitely giving off a more hostile vibe than we have seen before. Who is he reporting to? It would be too easy if it was Orochimaru but it could very well be the case. Iruka Sensei is the principle of the school! By this time he is probably in his mid-40s but he looks older in my opinion. Regardless, it was a cool cameo, especially after watching the last few episodes of Shippuden that focused on him.

The more I see of Boruto’s special eye, the more I am bothered by something. If the eye was suppose to be such a big plot point from the beginning, why was it not implemented somehow in the manga? We are just starting to get into original content in the manga, so there is still time for his special eye to appear. However, it still bugs me that the anime is heavily pushing this whole “eye that can see evil chakra” thing and the manga is not even acknowledging it. This isn’t a complaint about the anime but I thought I would bring it up here.

Frankly there isn’t much more to say about this episode. I enjoyed it more than the last two weeks but it was still fairly predictable. I feel like the show is getting into its grove now and things will pick up so I am staying optimistic!

またね!(See ya!)


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