Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 7 Review

Episode 7 – Love and Potato Chips!

I’ll be honest from the get go: I don’t have much to say about this. For 95% of the episode I couldn’t care less about what was happening. The show is trying to make Cho-Cho likeable and I guess it’s working a bit because by the end of the episode, I didn’t want to slam my face into the wall due to her characterization. She still gets on my nerves but it’s takes a little bit longer to get annoyed by her (if you get what I mean.) The main plot of the episode was the stalker gets caught type story. Utterly uninspired and boring.

If I have to say anything good about this episode it’s that the last 2-3 minutes were the most intriguing due to the fact that the larger overarching plot was getting more interesting. That’s it though. Was not feeling this episode at all. It’s a shame really.

またね!(See ya!)


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