Boruto Naruto Next Generations – Episode 8 Review

Episode 8 – The Dream’s Revelation

Now we are talking! This is the type of episode I was hoping to get more often from this series. I really enjoyed this episode for a few reasons so let’s break it down.

First of all, there was no classroom drama. Thank Lord Kishimoto for that. Instead, this episode was the first to be devoted to the main plot thats been hinted at since the first episode. We got actual plot development (shocking I know) specifically with Boruto’s eye. Someone who is no doubt part of Kagura’s clan opens up the episode talking about how this one person is the one he’s been looking for (referring to Boruto). He then reappears later in the episode while Boruto is dreaming. He tells Boruto that he holds the hope for the future of then world and his special eye is the key to finding the light that fight the darkness. Its all typical cryptic stuff at this point but its better than what we have been getting so far so I will take it.

Second, Boruto had some character development and we also got to see different sides of him. The scene where he used his clones to brainstorm ideas about what has been happening showed off some sides of his character that are usually tertiary to his overwhelming “I want attention and my dad is dumb” shtick that he has and will have until the anime covers the Boruto movie. However, once he started acting like the hero in the movie he saw (can’t remember the name for the life of me) I actually bursted out laughing. I did not expect that to happen when I started watching the episode. The comedy aspect that came out of Boruto’s misguided excitement really helped the episode feel fresh and lightened up mood. Along these lines, I am really liking the running gag of Mitsuki acting like a real ninja and popping up in scenes suddenly. It’s another little bit of comedy that is actually working for the show in my opinion. Hopefully they don’t over use it.

Lastly, for people that watched the original Naruto series, it was funny to see the new side of the Hyuga clan. Seeing Gramps Hyuga be the overly loving grandparent was great. We can’t forget about Hinata’s sister Hanabi though. She is still cute and now even cuter as a loving aunt! (Side note: I always though Hanabi looked better than Hinata and now I don’t feel bad about saying that since she is probably in her early 20s at this point. Hanabi all the way!)

Now the ending of the episode wants you to think that good old grandpa is going to go all out on Boruto but obviously that won’t happen. What’s more likely to happen is that they spar for a little bit, grandpa realizes Boruto doesnt have the Byakugan yet and just ends it there. Anti-climatic I know but I still think it will be interesting to see the fight they will have.

Can this series have two good episodes in a row? See you next week to find out!

またね!(See ya!)


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