Boruto Naruto Next Generations – Episode 11 Review

Episode 11 – The Shadow of the Mastermind

A lot happened this episode so let’s just go through the main points now:

  1. So the giant evil ape is called Nue
  2. The chakra possessing people is meant to gather negative energy to awaken Nue
  3. A masked figure is the one unleashing the bad chakra onto people
  4. The masked figure sure looks like a former Foundation member (His mask looks quite similar to former ANBU masks)
  5. Mitsuki is working with this masked figure (The Naruto universe sure likes Masked figures don’t they)

As for the rest of the episode… still pretty good surprisingly. Shino sticking up for Boruto and basically shutting Naruto down was nice. You can clearly see that Naruto only wants to protect his son. On one hand, Naruto is correct with saying that Boruto is too young and inexperienced to deal with these series of attacks. You have to remember that Boruto isn’t even a Genin at this point. On the other hand, the only way for Boruto to grow is to give him some space, treat him as an adult, and let him do his own thing (GO SHINO-SENSEI). Boruto getting a little bit of character development is great. I wish we could speed through Boruto’s whole insufferable stage and jump to the Boruto at the end of the movie…

Naruto still loves some ramen… you’d think he would have died down on the ramen by this point but I guess somethings never change. One little thing I want to mention is the battle with the post office chief. I don’t think having the Chief use all the mail was a reference to Konan and her paper jutsu but if it was, then it was a nice reference for old school viewers.

My last thoughts for this episode, however random it is is what will happen to the characters introduced in the series like Denki and Iwabei. They haven’t showed up in the manga so do they graduate from the academy? Do they just disappear? I’m quite curious but these are thoughts for another day.

またね!(See ya!)


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