Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 13 Review

Episode 13 – The Demon Beast Appears!

An episode that could easily be a filler episode of Naruto Shippuden? I never thought I would say this but that’s an improvement from most of the episodes so far. It had everything a typical filler episodes should have:

  1. Big monster that you will never hear about again in a few episodes
  2. A villain that will be utterly forgettable (making her the class rep most likely will have no repercussions)
  3. Some show of force was shown by the good guys but the monster ends up stronger than expected.

The best Hokage (you hear right Naruto) Kakashi makes a special appearance in this episode! I might be a bit biased (since the whole MatKakashi thing) but Kakashi is such a cool character that just raised the quality of the episode for me. I really like the idea of Kakashi just roaming around the Ninja world during his retirement. When Boruto goes into its filler period (which is basically the series itself… filler inception… whoa) I would love to see little side stories of Karashi’s adventures as a near 50 year old badass ninja.

Enough fanboying over Karachi for now though. The ending of the episode was very reminiscent of the Boruto movie and even the ending arc of Naruto with the portal jumping. Portals seems to be the cool thing to use in Naruto’s world now. OH I almost forgot to mention Boruto’s eye reacting to being so close to the source of the evil chakra. It was a cool effect but was it the reason that Nue got sucked into a portal and by association, Boruto and the class rep? Hopefully we get some clarification about that. My last thoughts for this week revolve around the next arc of the series, whatever that will be. Everything has been leading up to this point. It will be interesting to see where the series goes from here once this fight is over (I give it two more episodes based on how fast this series is going so far.)

Did I mention how Kakashi is the best character? Even when he is nearing his 50s in this series? … I did? Well he is. Prove me otherwise!


またね!(See ya!)


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