Gintama Silver Soul Arc – Episode 3 Review

Episode 3  – A Delinquent’s Kid Has Long Neck Hair

This was a rollercoaster of an episode for me. The scene before the opening I couldn’t care less about because it was only new characters. At that point, I had a bad feeling it would be a backstory episode about these new guys to tell us why they fight in the first place. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. Then we get scenes with Shinpachi and his sister and other scenes with Kagura, Tama, and Cat lady. These scenes were interesting because they were talking about how their characters have grown (or not grown) since the beginning of the story. At that point I thought the episode was going to be a deep dive on where each character started from and what has changed. I was okay with that. At least it was better than focusing on new characters. THEN, we get to everyone’s favourite protagonist supposedly trying to find the Tendoshuu’s and Utsuru’s weakness…. only to be talking about the new live action Gintama movie planned. Of course he is. This gag was great and I was hoping that it would be a bigger part of the episode but it really only last for a few minutes.

At that point, it goes back to serious and we see the larger plan Utsuru has in mind….. and its actually a really smart idea. I have to give him props there.


またね!(See ya!)


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