Gintama Silver Soul Arc – Episode 5 Review

Episode 5 – Geezers Carve the Things They Shouldn’t Forget Into Their Wrinkles

Holy nostalgia Batman! This episode felt so much like an episode before the serious arcs started. We get to see all the crazy characters we know and love be their crazy selves. It’s been so long that even the characters themselves aren’t used to it anymore! (Gintoki saying he wasn’t prepared for our favourite S&M ninja to go all crazy.) That wasn’t the highlight of the episode however….


One of the oldest running jokes in the whole series finally pays off in this episode. It’s not just a gag either! It’s the culmination of three character arcs. Gengai, Tama, and Kintoki’s arcs all lead to this point. They accepted their fate and wanted to do all they could to help their friends. Their actions turn the tide of the battle way in Earth’s favour! Until Utsuro does something else to fuck around with Earth that is.

I haven’t even touched on the comedic parts of the episode! There was just so much greatness in this episode.

Gintama, you are amazing.

またね!(See ya!)


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