Gintama Silver Soul Arc – Episode 6 Review

Episode 6 – Machines That Pick Up Useless Habits Are Called People

Most of this episode was set up for the next large battles or events. After the Machine sacrifice (which was way more sad than I thought it would be) we find out that the enemy still has way more men than our heroes do and they are all heading towards Kabuki-cho. So our heroes break up into groups to try and stop the massive wave of soldiers. Then we jump back to space to see how the Shogun and pals are doing. Needless to say, it’s not going according to plan. There isn’t too much else to talk about for this episode. Although I might be “stealthy” right now and not giving anything away. You have to find out for yourself. MatKakashi じゃない忍びだ。

Side note, I will be in Japan by the time the next episode airs so there is a good chance that there will not be any reviews up for a bit while I figure out everything to do with living in Japan. よろしくお願いします`!

Till next time (whenever that will be),

またね!(See ya!)


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